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  • Dr Aniruddh listens patiently to the problems. He was very much involved with the whole diagnosis process. I'm positive the treatment will work.
  • I have migraine headache from the last 10 years and I have consulted 5 neurologists in the past and none of their medication worked for me. I visited Dr aniruddh and his medication worked like a miracle for me. I am really thankful to this doctor. He is really talented and has the right experience.
  • After a stressful period of unknown symptoms and a previous doctor's visit that felt unsatisfactory, Dr Aniruddh examined and explained my symptoms in such a way that I came out less anxious and emboldened to be able to give my problems a name and a plan to alleviate the symptoms of the problem. Thank you doctor for your timely help and looking forward to your continued support and advice.
  • I visited Dr. Anirudh for a headache. He showed patience in answering questions. took time to understand my health history. suggested only essential tests and explained everything about the meds and causes for my headaches in details. he makes patients his priority and it shows. all the doctors there are excellent and they take care of the patients.
  • I consulted Dr Anirudh upon the reference of Dr.Rajesh, an eye specialist, when I was diagnosed with pituitary adenoma in the brain. That was the time when the entire family was in shock and despair. Dr. Anirudh suggested multiple tests to confirm the type of tumour before finalising the treatment option. Test results ruled out the possibility of treatment with medicines. Surgery was the only option. Dr.Anirudh asked me to read about the surgical procedure and get back to him with questions. During the next visit he happily explained and answered all the queries that I had. My tumour was quite big, and the preferred surgical method was endoscopic endonasal approach. This meant that the success of the surgery depended completely on the surgical skills of the neurosurgeon!! The surgery was a little risky one as the tumour was non-homogenous and had occupied the areas of the brain where nerves responsible for the movement of eye ball and the major blood vessels to the brain were also residing. Dr Anirudh lead the surgery along with Dr. Harisha and a group of neurosurgeons at Vikram hospital, Bangalore. Surgery was successful and I regained my partially lost eye sight. I was back home after the surgery in a week’s time and was back to my normal routine in a month. I can vouch for the skills of Dr. Anirudh now. He is also one of the experts in performing endoscopic brain surgeries. My experience with this case is an example for that.
  • I have been struggling from restless leg syndrome for almost 9 years. I had visited several doctors including homeopathy and was not able to get a solution. I happened to visit Dr Aniruddh while checking on Practo and finally have got some treatment which is actually working. Though the problem is long term and I need to be on medication for a long time, the doctor explained that there are no side effects and this is the best line of medication for such an ailment. He is very friendly, calm and answers all questions patiently. I strongly recommend Dr Aniruddh, thankyou doctor.
  • Dr Aniruddh is one of the most professional. He is an expert in the field of neurosurgery and is genuinely concerned about his patient's wellbeing. Being diagnosed with a cyst in my brain ( which can be life threatening ), was quite disheartening for me , but he instilled a unique wave of confidence in me and made the entire process of treatment and recovery very simple and effective. The neuro surgery performed by him on me , was successful and the tumour was efficiently removed . After consulting him, I was sure that I was in safe hands and considered myself lucky to have found him in such a critical period. The most reliable neurosurgeon in the country.
  • I am an achondroplasia guy and I was suffering from bilateral lower limb pain due to which I was not able to stand on my feet. I got to know that I was suffering from spinal canal stenosis. I was diagnosed by Dr. Aniruddh and I had undergone spinal surgery for the portion D9-11 and L4-5 of my spine. It was after the surgery that I was able to walk freely , run around and even went for small trekking trips. Though it was a major surgery, and chances were very less in cases like mine but a great appreciation to Dr. Aniruddh and team for helping me to stand on my feet and enjoy my life.
  • Doctor Anirudh listens patiently about the problem and explains well about the health issue. He even told the side effect of the medication. I was half cured after listening to him.
  • I consulted doctor Anirudh T. Jagannadha for posterior 3rd ventricular SOL with hydrocephalus problem . I was suggested to undergo a surgery. Before surgery my leg and hand movements were restricted after my surgery. It's like a new life, I can perform my day today routine. Dr. Anirudh is kind and empathetic. Even during follow up visits, he listens to all my problems patiently. His treatment and suggestions helped me recover soon. I strongly recommend Dr. Anirudh. Thank You very much Dr. Anurudh for your support.
  • Dr.Anirudh made me realize why doctors are so important.I visited this doctor having so many symptoms . I was afraid I had some real problems . He listened to my problems with utmost patience. He even conducted so many practical tests to prove I don't have any serious problems . When it comes to the clinic , it is maintained in a clean and hygienic manner. He charges a very nominal fee compared. I am really grateful for this doctor for helping me out and giving me confidence to recover. Thanks a lot Anirudh and keep up the great work.
  • Consulted Dr Aniruddh for a very severe migraine. Started treatment around 4 months ago and I'm feeling much better now. Appreciate much of the doc's methodology of treatment. Highly recommended!!!
  • Actually I have visited so many neurosurgeons, but I am not satisfied with all of them, but now I am satisfied thanks to doctor Anirudh.
  • Dr. Anirudh sir is very friendly. There is no wait time if we take the appointment before reaching the hospital. He spends sufficient time with patients, to understand the problem. Consulted him for my mother's back pain and joints pain. Pain procedure given by him worked perfectly and now she is able to walk and work normally.
  • Dr.Aniruddha Jagannath treated my wife for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at MSR Memorial Hospital. It was a day care procedure. Dr.Aniruddha personally ensured the whole procedure went on very smoothly. Even the nursing and house keeping staff were very helpful and courteous there. My wife is doing fine now. A personal thanks to Dr.Aniruddha and his team.
  • My husband had suffered a stroke and required an emergency surgery to save his life. Dr Aniruddh performed the surgery and saved his life. Today my husband is back to his normal self and has no signs of suffering a stroke or having undergone a skull based surgery. Thanks to Dr Aniruddh.
  • Agastya hospital in brigade road i visit clinic in 26 7 2018 aniruddh sir i also contact in ms ramaiah hospital thanks a lot of aniruddh sir.
  • Consulted Dr Aniruddh for a very severe migraine. Started treatment around 4 months ago and I'm feeling much better now. Appreciate much of the doc's methodology of treatment. Highly recommended!!!
  • Dr Anirud treated my mother-in-law’s back pain.. excellent service and followup was provided.. will recommend him to friends and family.
  • We strongly recommend this super speciality clinic. Dr. Anirudh is an experienced & friendly doctor. It is a value for money clinic & I strongly recommend.


  • To begin with, A very big thank you from all three of us from the deepest of heart, You are not only, an excellent, Dr, but, a wonderful soul. You, treated us so well with your expertise in the problem i had. Dr Goutham, tells and explain everything so well n clearly. He made sure, that i was compose and well prepared, for the transplant. Today, i stand tall, proud, blessed and healthier than ever, is thanks to Dr Goutham also, plays an important role. I would gladly and confidently, recommend, Dr Goutham Kumar, again and again. Thank You Dr, May You continue the divine work of saving many many lives. :) We are blessed to have you, as our saviour. God bless you always. :)
  • We consulted Dr. Gautham for liver infection at Manipal hospital, my friend is diabetic, we went to other hospitals and consulted other doctors, but couldn’t find satisfactory results. Consulting Dr. Gautham was a great idea, he was able to identify the infection immediately and helped in getting diagnosed soon. My friend was in hospital for 3 days and he visited him everyday to check his progress and his recovery. Great experience and always friendly, good at creating comfortable environment for patient and family.
  • This is my Big thanks to Dr. Gautam with FIVE start rating and following feedback with less words. “we all are thankful for his treatment, responses and his behavior with patients.Initially I was not convinced for surgery as scared even met couple of Dr[s]. in i.e. other hospital, finally visited Manipal to meet Dr. Gautam and he explained me the surgery procedure in details and feel like as “I am in good hand” and finally prepared my mind for surgery and it was done smoothly by Dr. Gautam even case was complicated and my wife told me “ post-surgery he called my family and explained about me as “I am Okay” and that time family was scared because of time but Dr. managed all smoothly, even post-surgery Dr. Gautam responded our call[s] and finally everything recovering very fast and all is well.
  • We love Dr. Goutham Kumar and his ability to minister to others both inside and outside Manipal Hospital. He is a man of integrity, loyalty and compassion.His care and concern to see you well is very encouraging. His personal demeanor is so appreciated.
  • Dr. Goutham is an excellent doctor, very gifted and patient. He is genuine, diligent, very approachable, clear with his explanation, caring and literally makes the pain go away with his calming words. I was blessed by God to have him as a surgeon during my pancreas and kidney transplant. The post-surgery care which he provided is also very commendable.
  • We all three are very thankful for his excellent treatment and caring with timely suggestions given to us in the course of treatment also clearing all our smallest doubts every time with lot of patience.We feel very happy and lucky that my dads surgery and treatment was done by Dr. Goutham and feel good be treated in such safe hands.Dr. Goutham is so friendly, caring, humble and very much approachable for any liver related gastroenterology issues or problems. His commitment towards his profession and treating the patient illness both physically and making a person mentally strong is comandable. Once again we thank you so much for all the care sir.
  • Good personality, Great Expressions, Better treatment, value for mony..I'm very Satisfied with the Dr. Goutham Kumar.
  • Dr.Goutham moves very friendly with the patients and explains very clearly about the procedures and treatment. I have consulted him for the treatment of gall bladder stones and have undergone laproscopic cholecystectomy. I have recovered completely and I am very happy with the treatment given by him. Heartful Thanks to you Dr.Goutham.
  • Dr. Gotam kumar ji is a very polite and experienced doctor..His friendliness and act of treatment has impressed me..He has too much patiences and well behaviour...I feel very comfortable and confident after being diagnosed by him..I pray for his well being..
  • My niece got treatment from Dr Goutam. He is very caring, always friendly and approachable.He did a very smooth surgery and his post surgery consultation and care is best in industry.I would strongly recommended Dr Goutam. Keep doing the good work.Thank you very much.
  • Dr. Gowtham Kumar is good at caring patients and explaining pros and cons of the situation. I took my uncle to Manipal hospital as he had abdominal pain . Later he was diagnosed with pancreatic ascites . He handled the situation very well . He didn’t perform any unnecessary investigations and treated my uncle with exactly what need to be done . He is getting better now . All thanks to him !
  • My experience with Dr Gautham was fantastic. I consulted him for treatment of my auto immune hepatitis. He is very friendly, polite and gave appropriate treatment. I would definitely recommend him.
  • Dr Goutham is very professional and friendly. Made us feel very comfortable and gave us all necessary information about the surgery beforehand. I had little bit of cardiac concerns also which doctor helped us well by coordinating with other cardiac and anesthesia doctors. Our wait time in every visit was very less and doctor helped us in detailing out dos n donts pre and post surgery. The assisting sisters of doctor were also very caretaking and good. I would recommend dr goutham for any gastro related issues. Thank you for your help and timely advise doctor. 😊🙏


  • Very good clinic with experienced doctors. It's located very near to MG road Metro station within a walk-able distance and affordable clinic as well. I consulted Dr Rethvi who was very friendly and approachable. I had a Viral wart on my little finger and I wanted to get it removed. Dr Rethvi explained the causes and the treatment for the same.He removed the wart on the same day and explained the procedure whilst removing the Wart. There was no unnecessary follow ups or re-occurrence of the Wart.
  • I have taken treatment for acne from Dr.Rethvi Tej from the past two months.I have seen a remarkable improvement in my condition.It's almost cured.The best thing was the way he explained me about my problem and the way he deals the treatment.He is very friendly and I strongly recommend him.
  • Dr Ritvi is very approachable, talkative. I had a viral wart on my little finger so I went for his consultation in Agastya clinic. He explained everything about Viral warts(causes, treatment etc.). I got it removed on the same day, he was explaining about the procedure whist removing the wart. There was no unnecessary follow ups and no reoccurrence If the wart.
  • I was having dark spots on my legs due to itching, Dr.rethiv diagnosed it very well
  • Dr.Rethvi was very polite and was patient enough to listen to all the problems and also addressed them. He was straight to the point,explained the root cause of the issue and prescribed the treatment accordingly.Overall I would recommend him to everyone.
  • Dr. Rethvi is Really good. Visited him twice with different problems. His approach and his explanation are great. Was amazed with the amount of knowledge he had on different problems. Perfect blend of Traditional and Latest Dermatology. Thanks so much to him. For me, Dermatologist in Bangalore is Checked :)
  • I recommend the doctor. I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction. I have visited Dr Rethvi Tej at Agastya clinic 3 times for my Pimples problems. He was very patient and professional in understanding my Skin problems and suggested the appropriate medications. I am still using them and they work really well. No harmful side-effects. Looking forward to my next visit!


  • Dr. Sampath is extremely patient, he spent a lot of time listening to both my mother and me. He offered to help if we needed him at any time of the day or night. He even followed up with us, he is very comforting. I would recommend him to anyone who needs counseling or help.
  • I consulted Dr.Sampath for heightened anxiety. In a world where time is money, not once during the session he seemed to rush things through. And ultimately devoting more than double the time. He helped me reflect upon a new perspective and appreciate the simpler way he shares it , I would strongly recommend his services.
  • I had approached Doctor Sampat during covid lockdown for stress and sleep problems. He's a very friendly doctor and you can share all your worries and problems with him openly and he helps you with all your concerns. Also I loved the fact he likes to prescribe medicines only for assisting you to get better and advises you to take it only on SOS basis (sleep medicines in my case).
  • I consulted Dr. Sampath through a call for depression and stress issues. He talked to me for more than an hour regarding my concerns and explained them in a simple way. As I kept on telling him the same things again and again, still he listened to me and gave suggestions just as a friend. He is splendid at his work and I'm very thankful to him.
  • recommend Dr. Sampath to treat stress and related health issues. He is very friendly and always available. He does not rush through an appointment. He has a way with words which puts one at ease.He is truly concerned about his patient and makes it a point to call and find out if everything is OK. I don't think we come across doctor's like him these days, who are very concerned about the well-being of their patients.
  • Dr Sampath is a good listener. He is methodical in his approach and in addition to psychiatry, applies common sense in his advice, which helps. He is also approachable unlike other doctors in this space.
  • Dr. Sampath is a very friendly and kind doctor who is a great listener. The suggestions he gave were very useful. His perspective on how to see things in life is helping me grow out of the phase I am in. I'm thankful to him.
  • I have no words to say about the friendliness and kindness of Dr.sampath.He understand one's problem like his or her own parent.I am personally very influenced by his way to solve problems and that too through chatting.Huge salute to you sir,nation needs doctors like u only🙏
  • What takes on people's health in most instances is the delicate health of the mind. After several expensive medical scans and tests for headaches, finally Dr. Sampath genuinely diagnosed me for Tension Headaches, and spent precious 2 hours counselling about a healthy mind and its essence. His medications helped in releasing grimness of the head, distress, and is helping me recover better each day. The exercises prescribed have been additionally beneficial.Dr. Sampath is a magnificent counsellor, and a psychiatric...Thank you Dr. :)

Other Testimonials

  • I visited the doctor last month. My skin was very bad, with lots of small pimples, blemishes, hyper pigmentation above all looking older to my age. it is 15 days since I have taken all the prescribed medicines, there is a remarkable difference, i am supposed to visit after some blood test next month. Night cream was a little expensive 1600/- rest all together was around 600/- . today my daughter was telling that my skin is glowing, after more than 2 decade am using eyeliner, I never used due to my dark circles. Trust me, i had lost all hopes but am finding a remarkable difference now! consultation is 500 reg is 50.
  • Doc here is super friendly and his prescriptions do give visible results! He listens to everything we have to say and treat us accordingly
  • Very friendly doctor, explains every bit in detail. Don't suggest unnecessary treatments. overall very satisfied with his diagnosis and treatment.
  • Very friendly, understanding All perspective of diseases and its implications,maintains standards in approaching patients... Very satisfying
  • Dr.Tej is a very warm person with profound experience. Happy with the results.
  • The doctor was very friendly and we had a clear explanation of the disease. He tried his best to improve the health of the patient and was of great support when we fear about surgery etc..gentle person. Very good job done
  • Doctors behaviour is very good. He is always one time at his service and is very friendly with patients and their reletives. Overall we are satisfied. My father is regaining the mental strenght with his encouraging words which is most necessary for us.
  • He is an excellent doctor as well as a person .He has done my surgery very smooth and well .Thr is no post surgery complications .He explains everything very clearly.He personally cares and attends the patient .He is really God gifted very polite and nice behaviour and has a very friendly approach and really a genuine doctor. He answers all my question and never rush listen patiently.l always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There is no unanswered questions,doubts or confusion.
  • There's no transperency between the doctor and patient, operation was done suddenly before intimating to us on prior day or admission day.
  • The commitment towards helping in treating the situation is commendable, his timely attention and care towards my husband is unbelievable during the time of his pancreatic transplant.He is friendly, approachable, and deals with his patients warmly. He Explains every bit in detail and mostly keeps that positive vibe even when things do not look positive. Me and my husband were extremely happy to be under his care. We are thankful to God for doctors like him. ~ Sonia Jonathan
  • The way of listening to the patient's complaints and the way of explaining the problem, treatment part, precautions and management were good.
  • He is very good doctor...gives time to patient to listen all his/her problems and then provide the solution according to the patient health which suits him/her. We had a very good experience with him.
  • Very friendly doctor. Visited my mother Nilima Kumari Jha for spindulys. Doctor could understand the problem and with the medicines prescribed by him, I can see the difference. Doctor gives proper time to patient. Clinic staffs are also friendly with no attitude.
  • He listened to all our questions patiently and told us possible side effects of medicines as well, and treated us well. Happy with the diagnosis and care !
  • Consultations and in-patient care were very quick. He is a committed doctor, patients are in safe hands.
  • Doctor was friendly and has explained about the treatment and has listened patiently to the patient Recommend 5 stars for the doctor.
  • Doctor is very kind. He hears his patient patiently and tells the solution, so that the patient gets the confidence that their alignment can be cured which is also important as taking medicines. We are very much thankful to him.
  • I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction and was attended immediately. I was happy with the doctor's treatment and now I am doing fine. No headache.
  • Talks to the point, no unnecessary scans. He gave ample time to understand the issues. I personally felt he is committed to his job.
  • This doctor is a magician. He understands your problems just like your friend and gives you treatment discussing the pros and cons of medicines. He discusses the course of action asking with the timeframe required to accomplish the required task. All in all, 100% recommended doctor. Go for it.
  • The doctor was very helpful in making us understand the symptoms of schizophrenia and how to help/support the patient. Talking to him cleared most of our questions and filled us with positivity to handle our situation.
  • The doctor heard my problems very nicely and and told the true n real ways to cope up with my anxiety by taking out his time and explaining things.
  • Well specialised Doctors, with vast experience in the field, dedicated for the service.